Subject: Pocahontasaurus

Date: 18 Jan 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

Organization: MotPU: Where Binary Moodswings are ALWAYS on the Menu

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Reason #47 that Lemmy will never be Normal:


This morning I found our Dangerous Duo wahooing up at the "chandelier"

during what we like to call breakfast. Sparky volunteered, "We're howling

at the five moons." They obviously miss their home planet very much.


.... No segue included for the floater in my outbox ....

[Somehow this li'l update got lost in transit during the New Year's brain



New Year's Day is LOUD. I'm not sure why, but the pupettes have lost all

volume control. I have a theory that their ears are getting calloused from



Since yesterday, they have disappeared several times for at least an hour

with loud music blaring from the back room. Last night I snuck up and found

out what the new fascination is: Sparky is staging operas with her

dinosaurs. The squat, spikey ones are the bad guys and the T-Rexs and the

Brachiasaurs are the heros. The ones that are molded with open mouths are

the singers and the molded-closed mouths are the hummers.


After viewing an entire show, I can see why Spunky has been enraptured

every time. The chorus numbers are so thoroughly choreographed that it's

like watching someone spin plates while playing a xylophone using an alien



They finally found a worthwhile use for the Pocahontas Soundtrack. It

reminds me of the happy, happy day long ago, when I gave my hated Barbies

to a couple of inventive little boys to destroy. They turned those molded

plastic horrors into ART that would have caused a mother less than theirs

to jet them to a psychiatrist before their next meal.


PPM (just the kind of mother your girl warned you about)




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