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IrRev. Friday Jones <> wrote in article


> In article <>, wrote:


> > Somebody, I've hopelesly mangled the attributions, said:

> >

> > : > > }I know a pagan midwife who eats the placenta. Only they call


> > : > > }the "tree of life". A friend of mine saw it in their fridge

once. Apparently, it's

> > : > > }full of vitamins. (Although this might just be another handy


> > : > > } way of explaining their bloodlust.)

> >

> > No fucking WAY. I just SEEN a placenta, and nobody, I mean NOBODY is

> > going to let one of those things NEAR their mouths, I don't care HOW

> > whacked out on the dope they are. Placentas are HIDEOUS LOVECRAFTEAN



> Well, once you've put them through the blender on "pulse" for a few

> minutes they're no more than a thick and creamy shake. Hen's eggs are

> pretty nasty too and people eat those all the time - even raw.


> -- FJ


Original post was mine, but I have some New Puzzling Information to add.

Apparently the pagan in question is a self-proclaimed Long-Time

Vegetarian. I guess that makes the placenta vegetarian food, which makes

sense, if you define vegetarian food as something an animal didn't have to

die so you could eat it. Like eggs, milk, or various other orgiastic



Nully "I'm so hungry I could eat birthing tissue" Fydyan


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Coco jamboo is coming. Beware coco jamboo. Subject:

AALLLMOST (Was: Congrats, Megger!)


15 Jul 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)


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: Isn't the placenta supposed to save you from drowning? "Hey, honey,

: don't worry about going overboard, I've got some fresh placenta!"


That's only ONE of the faboolous uses for a placenta. They also make

lovely placemats, and when properly dried, can be used to sift spare

change into the separate denominations. Martha Stalwart just did an

entire WEEK on the uses of placentae (?), and managed to omit all the

superstitious practices and stick with only the truly decorative and

practical applications like window treatments, poaching properties,

and so forth.


I've been led to believe that OUR placenta is already destined for the

cloning bin, but I intend to have PLENTY to say about THAT. I'd much

rather assert my right to a durable placenta popourri.


: I'm adding my congrats to previous. Be glad he didn't come out

: *feet* first like my son. The Dr. had to cut her good to keep him from

: kicking her coochie to shreds.Fun fun fun!


I JUST LOVE THIS. I'm NOT birthed of Lemmy yet, but, hey, THANKS for

the li'l rip-o-rama story!


Lemmy has a deadline, and it is SOON. He thinks he can keep sneaking

around like this, as if I didn't check the papers to keep up with his

late night exploits. HA!


The trap is set. Either he's out by Thursday or I am.



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