Subject: Re: Rob and Dyna get 15 min. of fame in German Online Newspaper

Date: 25 Feb 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegEliz)

Organization: Gene Wolfe Library and Family Restaurant, East Wing

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 (Dennis McClain-Furmanski) wrote:


: On 02-23-96, wrote:


: > Besides, I'll be standing in the aisle on the saucers, holding on

: > to a big red strap while an Uberfemme takes my seat. Even Uberfemmes

: > are suckers for a gentleman.

: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


: Boy, you got THAT right! Why I remember once in high school, on a trip to

: see Man Of LaMancha in Chicago, I offered my bus seat to this....


You are not only right, but probably more right than you know.

Uberfemmes are, I believe, extra-susceptible to gentlemen.


Once upon a time, I was preparing for travel with the tots of terror,

when I expressed my misgivings to another mommy-type. She was, and I

assume still is, a superhero of pink. She said that she'd never had

any trouble: people just naturally volunteer to help out a lone mother

traveler. Kind strangers had configured her stroller, entertained the

kids, carried her diaper bags and just generally been oh-so sweet to

her any time she had to fly.


Nobody did shit for me. Nobody helped me mop up the blood when the

rugrat of ruin split her lip at O'Hare. Nobody helped me juggle my

stuff in and out of the overhead compartments, over the icy tarmac or

through the tangled habitrail of security booths. So much for HUMAN



Since then it has been pointed out to me that I never get voluntary

assistance from strangers because I exude self-sufficiency with a

whiff of doom. Of course I'll probably never experience another

attempted mugging, either.


It is a rare and deserving gentleman who will step between an

Uberfemme and a jar of peanut butter - he who hears the grunting and

cursing as, "Golly, would you open this for me?"


Not-Yet Popette (spooky) Meg



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