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 (ICEKNIFE) wrote:


: Did the baby have a candy bar? No one may kill a child unless there's

: a candybar to mistake for a gun.


I could really go off on this.


Au pairs. Ha. It's a rotten idea that just keeps on coming because

IDIOTS think they can spot that little Mary Poppins. Even Mary Poppins

wasn't Mary Poppins.


I've seen au pairs, and the trouble with au pairs is the CLIENTS.

People think that just because they pay someone to LOVE their children

that they will, indeed, love their children. I automatically distrust

ANYONE who claims to "love children." What they mean is that they

haven't spent enough time with children to see them as anything other

than CUTE. You want to leave your children with somebody who is going

to be prepared for nothing but cute? HA!


The au pairs are paid to "care for" the children, which is a cultural

determination. Jamaican nannies don't give a shit about anything

except that their charges look good, follow commands and don't climb

anything or try anything even slightly dangerous. We used to spend a

lot of mornings in the park with the Jamaican nannies, and their kids

stayed on the ground and clung to their legs. There was no hugging or

praise. For that you pay extra. For that you STAY HOME. Or you get

someone from Loas and tell yourself it's close enough. Or you enslave

a grandmother and try to pretend you aren't imposing on her golden



But to get a teenaged au pair? Did somebody think that was a GOOD

idea? That's a gaspingly bad sort of logic: I'll wait until I'm mature

and THEN have a family so that I can afford to hire a teenager to do

the work when I'm not around.


Why not just have the baby when you're a teenager and kill it




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