Subject: Re: Alt.slack, what is it??

Date: 16 Mar 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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 (TarlaStar) wrote:

: (ICEKNIFE) wrote:



Uhhhhh.... I'd better hurry up and pronouce this my FINAL SQUIRT.


I will bow when I CAN.

: too late. I didn't want to have to bring it up here, but the truth of

: the matter is that Meg is pregnant with MY child. It was all a big

: accident and we wish it hadn't happened, but the truth is...Lemmy's a

: redhead. See...Jack was getting uppity at the X-day drill and Meg had

: to take his balls back. It's true...sometimes you guys simply cannot

: handle the balls and they get out of control. So Meg not only took the

: balls, she took the unit as well. Later that afternoon, Jack needed to

: pee and he couldn't find Meg. So I lent him a dick. I forgot to get it

: back. Come to find out later that he used THAT dick to create Lemmy.

: Like I said, it was all a big mistake and it's Jack's fault. It's

: always Jack's fault....but it's going to be a beautiful wicked baby.


DAMMIT TARLENE!!!! That was supposed to be a STEALTH DICK encounter!

How was I supposed to know it would FLAP ABOUT and TELL ALL afterward.


Gosh this is embarrasing. At least MINE are PRIVATE DICKS.




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