Date: 13 Mar 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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"Myrkury" <> wrote:


: This is easy, ask them if they'd like a snack and when they reply in the

: positive go to the kitchen and get a bag of Fritos and two bowls. Go back

: to your guests, put the two bowls on a table (it must be a sturdy table),

: empty the bag of Fritos into one bowl and place the other bowl in the

: center of the table. Climb up on top of the table drop your drawers and

: shit in the bowl. Clamber down from the table and announce "SHIT DIP FOR



I LIKE IT. The only trouble with this plan is that I'd have to let

them IN to execute it. My best effort of the moment is to simply say,

"Whaddaya think this is, COWARD JOHNSON'S?!?" and slam the door

decisively. Somehow, I just lacks the fullness of true inspiration...

: BTW: I'm really curious, what are these papers that need signing? Selling

: your soul or somethin? "BOB" won't be pleased.


Umm...well...these would be papers that say they'll shut the fuck up

(for a price), so it's not necessarily a BAD thing.




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