Subject: Re: You loosers!!!

Date: 25 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Mumthra)

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On Wed, 24 Mar 1999 10:26:20 -0800, "ICEKNIFE" <>



:Cabs HAVE to take you within their licensed

:area. That's what the minimum fare is about.


I guess you think I don't know how to scare immigrants. Well, lemme

tell you, I have come a LONG WAY in the Immigrant Scaring Department

since that little episode, which was about TEN YEARS ago.


LAST time I was in a cab I got my money's worth in ENTERTAINMENT.


The guy was some kind of Black Foreigner. I think maybe he was from

Iceland. I'm not sure. Anyway, I started asking him about the sign in

the back that said things like "helper dogs: free." I asked him if my

dog needed a ride to the vet, would I be able to get him to take her

for free if I said she was a helper dog? And did he realize that if

dogs could read, he'd never make any money again?


He in turn told me about his weirdest customers, both blind and

non-blind. He was a beefy and well dressed cologne choaker, so I

believed his tough guy stories, too.


One day, as he stopped in the road to disgorge a customer from his

cab, the driver of a parked car that he had temporarily blocked began

leaning on his horn and having a full-blown caniption. Our hero gave

the driver the finger ("Like so," he said).


The driver jumps out of his car and jumps up and down demanding, "What

did you do?!?"


Our hero gives him the finger again. "Where I come from this means,

'Please wait one minute...motherfucker.'"


I'm gonna write a BOOK about Icelandic Cabdrivers, Mr. Knowtitall.


Oh, and you're only psychically bonded to my children if you tied

Barbie clothes to your feet before you passed out at naptime today.

Keep trying!