Subject: Re: LET'S START A WAR!!

Date: 09 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Mumthra)

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Newsgroups: alt.slack

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On Mon, 8 Mar 1999 02:48:03 -0500, "Rev. Magdalen"

<> wrote:


:Do we want peace and understanding with the Pinks?? I don't think so. What

:would we really like to do to the Pinks?? I think you know. And this

:pathetic plea is more than any decent SubGenius should be asked to tolerate.

:War is the only option.


Is this the part where we're supposed to get organized? I don't see

any bungee cords, and in ANY CASE, I am not sitting next to ICEKNIFE

if he's going to ramble on about how rape isn't about SEX, when

everybody knows that if your dick is invovled--yeah BAYBEE--it's sex



Besides that, I don't think there is any point arguing about things

you CAN and CANNOT do with your dick, because that's a matter of

PERSONAL CHOICE and I think that you should feel proud of your dick

because that's MY PERSONAL CHOICE--not that *I* am proud of YOUR dick,

but I support YOUR DICKPRIDE in YOUR OWN dick, if that's what you

WANT. All that is entirely ASIDE from what you DO with your own dick

or whether you believe that your dick needs to do TRICKS to make you

proud or ashamed.




To summarize: what you FEEL about your dick is your choice, what you

DO or DO NOT with your dick, well, sadly, that's EVERYONE'S PROBLEM.