Subject: Re: primate rape

Date: 25 Feb 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)


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 () wrote:

:Wulfstan Hrothgar III ( wrote:

:: (Modemac) wrote:

:: >I remember reading that gang rapes are actually commonplace among

:: >dolphins; I think this came from David Brin, the author of the "Earthclan"

:: >science fiction novels. His point (if I remember correctly) was that most

:: >common folklore looks at dolphins as innocent, playful, good-natured

:: >creatures, when in fact they're creatures of the wild as well.


:: Humans should have no greater dignity that beasts?


:You idiot -- he isn't defending rape!


Why THANK YOU, Seizar! It's about time someone exposed Modemac for the vile

dolphin rapist that he is!!!!


Sure! He doesn't eat TUNA! He doesn't HAVE TO! He can prevertrate his

FEDERALLY OFFENSIVE DOLPHIN CRIME without nets or even scuba gear! I think

mammals everywhere should be OUTRAGED at the DESTRUCTION of DOLPHIN

INNOCENCE at the hands of this DERANGED AND MANGY AQUABOY!!! We have even

heard that he doesn't stop with ADULT DOLPHINS. OH NO!!! That's what REALLY

BURNS MY BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!@@#! $$$#%%%