Subject: Re: Why alt.slack is popular?

Date: 24 Jan 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegEliz)

Organization: Gene Wolfe Library and Family Restaurant, East Wing

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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DynaSoar says:

: Oh, hell yes. The robe and slippers gets it.

: We haven't had a good trial since McGowan's first spew.

: Here's your chainsaw.

: That's what we use instead of a gavel.


I will, in my role as Judgette and Ultimate Looser, hereby explain

exactly what it is about Rev. Neener that gets Uberfemme hackles to

stand up and take notice:


(We interrupt this explanation to point out that if

you are not at least 60% female-brained you will not

understand this explanation, no matter how many small

words it may contain. Here at the Manse we have performed

repeated tests an' it just don't translate. This

explanation may be void in some localities, especially

those very local localities containing yeti who

would rightly point out that I just got here, so what

the fuck do I know).


It is not the neenering per se, nor the bragging (after all, what'd

you expect?)...








Just us girls? The following is a demonstration of the Neener

phenomenon in question. Again, boys, just don't bother:

























I know something you don't know.




















And I ain't telling.


This will drive any female nuts. Try it. Even when they KNOW you're

only baiting, it'll drive them nuts.


Not-Yet Popette (Simple Tons) Meg



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