Subject: Hopping Down the PMS Trail

Date: 14 Apr 1998 00:00:00 GMT

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Organization: AOL

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Yesterday I learned that Easter is no time of year for a woman with a bad

chocolate jones.


I found myself struggling with Junior for that precious chocolate lapine



"But Mom, the Easter Bunny left if for *me*."


"Or maybe he left it for your MOTHER."




"Just let me bite the ears off."




"One bite."




"You can go to bed a half hour later."




Screaming, wailing and cursing ensued ------ and that was just my side of the



So I waited until a friendly distraction came along and THEN I raided her

Easter basket. And yet this wasn't enough. After about the 6th or 7th time

I had raided her stash, guilt set in and I realized I'd have to find another



So that's how I found myself today wandering Walgreens desparately hoping they

would have half-price Easter candy. And they didn't just have *any* Easter

candy they had the Hershey's Mint Creme and Cookies chocolate eggs. Nirvana!!

(And I don't mean that dead guy Kurt's band...) I mean the kind of bliss that

only a woman can experience when she hits the mother load of all junk food.


I believe I scared the little clerk girl during my purchase. I don't think it

was the muttering so much as the rampant drooling.......


Then I promptly came home and hid the chocolate in the last place the little

darling will ever look.... That's right --- under the vegetables!!


"Brilliant!!!" I exclaimed.


Now I have a stuff until the next candy filled holiday.... But I wanna know --

do they make gift baskets for Memorial Day???