From Sat Apr 11 06:24:27 1998

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Subject: Re: Speaking of love...

From: (MegaLiz)

Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 13:24:27 GMT


: The romantic images we're spoon fed (such as Titanic) have

: a debilitating effect, of that there's no doubt.


Fairy tale romances are a RILLY EFFECTIVE survival hoax. I don't think

anyone should knock them OR their necessary impact on stupid girls. If

we didn't have happily-ever-after stories to swindle breeder dummies

into matrimony, well then, we'd have SOCIAL CHAOS!


I don't know WHY "love" should get boiled down to SEXUAL LOVE, but

maybe that's because it's the most COMPLETE love. Not only can you not

fuck your car (in most cases), you also cannot be challenged to face

its APARTNESS from you (except when it decides to roll over your ass

or something, WHICH reminds me of a story...but not today).


None of that means that you can't love your car or your garden or your

moose--you CAN--but in order to have WHOLE LOVE the love object has to

be able to look you directly in the eye and say, "You're fulla shit."

Or ELSE it has to give you head, or BOTH.



I'm not gonna talk about this ANY MORE unless we're in




"Is it just me...or do I have tape in my hair?" - Spunky