Subject: Full Keys Mystery

Date: 19 Feb 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegEliz)

Organization: Gene Wolfe Library and Family Restaurant, East Wing

Newsgroups: alt.slack



Once again, an important part of maintaining my Slackstate is making

certain that all my ancestors are resting comfortably. I don't have

time to check on all the dead ones, but the living ones are still

living and glad enough of it, at least as of two hours ago.


Driving home from one of the hospitals, which my dad always must refer

to as "horse pistols", I began to receive a signal. The pulses seem to

be emanating from my hyperthalamus. (I know, I know, most people have

a HYPOthalamus, but I've got extra. I'm special). The message, which

repeats in the most irritating and whiny tone is, "Must know...exact

spelling...get Red Hot Chili Peppers....Must know..." Apparently,

their latest relentless ditty has seeped into my lower brain

functions, which are not satisfied with keeping me breathing, and are

critically puzzled by the question: Is it "aeroplane" or "arrowplane"?


I was unwilling to perform suicide in order to shut it up, so I

started to look around for a record store - I guess I should say a

disc store. Scanning the unfamiliar subhuburb landscape, I did not see

one single place that I would actually leave my car to enter, BUT I

did see a sign that washed me with Slack:





The #s denote ideograms that I am, sadly, not qualified to translate.

What is "Full Key"? Why do I want it? Why do I regret not pulling a

U-turn in six lanes of rude and zoomy traffic to investigate? Is

anybody besides Clavis interested in an autographed menu and/or an

incident report? I'll be going back that way in a few days, probably

with a talented uncle.



There are some things one should not even think about (and I really

wish someone would help me come up with a more extensive list of such

things). - Lou Can Duchez


Not-Yet Popette (Gaffle Babe) Meg



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