Subject: An Offering from the Virtual Pet Cemetary

Date: 01 Jul 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegEliz)

Organization: Gene Wolfe Library and Family Restaurant, East Wing

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[Here's something from a nice little site I found today...]


The Virtual Pet Cemetery Continues


Heineken's Song


Some 25 years ago, we became the proud owners of a cute little black

and tan Dachshund puppy. We named him Heineken and he was the light

of our lives. When he died, Walt wrote this song to honor his memory:


When he was just a pup

no bigger than a shoe,

I gave my dog a tennis ball

to see what he would do.

I never dreamed he'd fall in love,

I didn't, not at all.

Now what I've got is a weenie dog

with a crush on a tennis ball!


Heineken, oh Heineken,

you are my tennis champion.

You bring the ball,

I throw the ball,

and you bring it back again.


Some people say he's crazy.

Some people say he's smart.

But by the way he loves his tennis ball,

I know he's got a heart.

And when he rolls it up to me

to say "Come on, let's play!"

I know if I pick up that ball,

I'm stuck with it all day!




He takes his ball to bed with him.

He takes it for a ride.

And when he goes to eat, you guessed it,

right there by his side.

And when he passes on

up to that dog run in the sky,

I bet he takes his ball there, too.

Saint Peter's gonna cry --




Well, Heineken is gone now.

His life has ceased to be.

But I savor still his gift of joy

to my dear wife and me.

He left us with such happiness,

sweet memories and all.

And of course, he also left us with --

a lonely tennis ball.


Heineken, oh Heineken,

you're still our tennis champion.

If you bring the ball,

we'll throw the ball,

and you can bring it back again,

and again,

and again,

and again ...


We love you boy ... and we miss you!



Walt and Jane Barrow


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