Subject: Re: Slack Hints from HelloWheezy

Date: 04 Dec 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

Organization: RadixNet Internet Services

Newsgroups: alt.slack, alt.foot.fat-free

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Hair Slack


** Find yourself a lovely and Slackful Pagan Hair Minister. Get her to cut

your hair REALLY short. Only go back once your hair has grown long enough to

tangle (this way you can skip that pesky brushing and grooming). The really

ecomonically minded should get their hair SHAVED to gain that extra month of

CAREFREE HAIR. If you don't get haircuts at all you'll be earning AT LEAST

one dollar per day for as long as you hold out.


** Save all the hair that accumulates in your bath drain. Fashion a nice

cuddly pet out of it. (Note: This could take a long time if you shave your

head, so plan ahead. AHEM).


** Obtain housepets that match each other and your furniture. No more

vacuuming!! If you've already made the mistake of adopting a striped cat and

a spotted dog, CLAIM that they match the couch and don't vacuum anyway!!


** Shave your beard to spell out interesting and/or scary messages like



** Concentrate on finding new ways to turn PUBIC hair into PUBLIC hair.