Subject: Re: Sunday Morning Sermon

Date: 21 Mar 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

Organization: MotPU: Where Binary Moodswings are ALWAYS on the Menu

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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 (Peter Hipwell) wrote:

: In article </> (Lou Duchez) writes:

: 1. "Self-delusion is the anaesthetic of the soul, while God carves out

: our existence".


: 2. "The simple of mind are much better at deciding moral questions

: than their superiors, who have thought themselves into complexity and

: impotence."


: Combine these two eminently epigrammatic ingredients and watch the

: PURE DYNAMITE ACTION of the resulting blend. Try to bear in mind

: Mr. Wells' notorious Stalinist sympathies and his base character,

: revealed by his propensity for rampant nookie and sickening love

: letters talking about jungle cats.


PETE. You braid brainstems again. I would only like to say that cheese

is good.

: I proceed to futher unfair sneering below.




: >Sure, we each create a bubble of Slack around ourselves, inside of which

: >there isn't a whole lot of Con. But it's a funny thing about bubbles:

: >they're so easy to burst. And if it ever bursts, there's 14.7 PSI of

: >Con waiting to rush in. If one needs to look at one's Slack from a

: >purely selfish level, this is why it makes sense to actually try to DO

: >something about the Con: because it's all around you, even if there is

: >a thin barrier protecting you from it. (Think it'll never happen? Go

: >ahead, I fucking DARE you to come up with a list of people or

: >organizations or agencies you depend on that could theoretically take a

: >disliking to you and screw you over but good.)


: 1. Everything and everyone

: 2. Especially myself

: 3. Anything (anyquality, anyprocess) not included in points 1 and 2.


: What bubble? You mean that not everyone is painfully acutely and

: agonizingly continually aware of the total fucked-upness of 99% of

: every single situation that they are in for 99% of waking forever?


An alternative to the bubble is the slamackrophage. It consumes and

encloses fragments of the Conspiracy in a Bouncy Slack Shell, where

they harmlessly caroom and collect until the shell explodes and dies.


It embraces without becoming and swallows without digesting. Yah.




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