Subject: Re: #Advice? My warts are killing me!

Date: 26 Jan 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

Organization: MotPU: Where Binary Moodswings are ALWAYS on the Menu

Newsgroups: alt.slack, alt.foot.fat-free

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[In the ongoing mission to pacify the denizens of #advice AND give

them something juicy to chew on... Stang can expect to be reported to

the FBI, and his little "Bob" too!]


[Sloop is an #adivce operator]

[Beefeater is Louise]


Session Start: Sat Jan 25 16:42:11 1997

*** Now talking in #subgenius

<RevLoki> Ohh, lord... what do you want me to do? Apologize?

<Sloop> just about anything Bald

<MegaLiz> Loki! You TWISTED FUCK!

* Sloop greets MegaLiz with some warm huggles

<MegaLiz> I just finished the #advice log

<Sloop> C'mon guys.....

<RevLoki> Yes liz?


<Sloop> don't mess with these kids...not fair

<Beefeater> what kids?

<MegaLiz> Shame on you!

<RevLoki> Them there advice kids..

<MegaLiz> I heard you were picking on people!

<RevLoki> they're a bit slow..

<RevLoki> I know.. I have learned my satanic ways and will change for

the better

<RevLoki> "Bob" Would hurt me for such bad behavior

* MegaLiz sighs with exhasperation and will recover shortly

<Sloop> Locki.....................

<RevLoki> Loki... not Locki

<Sloop> these kids take u guys VERY seriously

<Sloop> whatever

<RevLoki> Well shit, I'm not their leader.. I'm just a desciple..

<RevLoki> I jjust have chanops here.. what do you want me to do? Get

Reverand Stang to excomunicate them?

<Beefeater> no, they'd like it too much

<Sloop> I'm about to X-ercise Rev SAtang

<Beefeater> How?

<Sloop> I am furious....this is not nice

<Sloop> Loki....common...u know better

<RevLoki> It's not me!!! I just did it once!!

*** Beefeater ( has left #subgenius

<RevLoki> What do you think this is? some mad cult?

<Sloop> These kids are impressionable

<Sloop> yup

<Baldy> what kids?

<Sloop> of course

<Sloop> Do not NOT fuck with these ppl

<RevLoki> Well.. I mean, it IS a mad cult and all..

<RevLoki> Hey.. language.. watch it..

<RevLoki> I'm the only one that can cuss here..


<MegaLiz> Sloop, I understand your aggravation. ME TOO!

<MegaLiz> We have these prankster splinters, and well, it is NOT


<Sloop> liz...what's up?

<MegaLiz> Were the regulars upset?

<RevLoki> Ohh lordy.. pink as the day is long

<MegaLiz> Pretty in pink

<MegaLiz> Please, I'm just trying to catch up...

<Sloop> *sigh*

<Sloop> Jesus Christ

<MegaLiz> he's not here, sloops

<Sloop> hehhehee

<MegaLiz> He's in the mailroom

<MegaLiz> So are we happy now?

<Sloop> But, we have ppl on advic who say that..............

<MegaLiz> Loki, are you alright? properly mollified?

<Sloop> sexh Rev Stang will bring them closer to God!

<RevLoki> sexh?

<MegaLiz> The sixth Stang?

<RevLoki> God? I think not.. that bobbie?

<MegaLiz> We only have ver. 5

<MegaLiz> Is #advice clear now?

<MegaLiz> Clear of trouble makers and wankers?

<RevLoki> I thought he was Stang ver 4.9999

<MegaLiz> Oh

<MegaLiz> I round my Stangs UP, you see.

<MegaLiz> brb

<Sloop> sex

<Sloop> Locki.....

<Sloop> Is he doin that?

<MegaLiz> Doin what?

<Sloop> Loki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<MegaLiz> Is Loki doing WHAT?!?!?

<RevLoki> what?!?!

<RevLoki> I'm reading newsgroups

<Sloop> Loki......WTF is goin ob

<Sloop> on

*** MrOrange ( has joined #subgenius

<RevLoki> JESUS H. CHRIST ON A POPSICLE STICK!!! I don't know..

<MegaLiz> Orangeboy!

<Sloop> we have this girl....

* RevLoki looks down..

<MegaLiz> Yes, a girl...

<RevLoki> Uhh, I'm a guy, dude

*** MrOrange is now known as Baldy

<Baldy> back

<Sloop> who says REV STANG syas she should have SEX with him to get

closer to GOD

<Baldy> /msg NickServ IDENTIFY lima

<MegaLiz> That is NOT the real Stang

<MegaLiz> There are several FALSE Stangs on the loose

<MegaLiz> Is he antisemitic?

<RevLoki> Well it's not my fault.. there are alot of people in the



<Sloop> Is this guy the fuckin Head Honcho?

<RevLoki> stang likes sex.. but would never resort to having sex with

a woman!!

<Baldy> why not?

<Sloop> lol...Stang is Gay , then?

<RevLoki> Well.. sorta

<MegaLiz> Stang is VERY MARRIED


<RevLoki> I should say Stang isn't they type that would resort to

having sex with a human..

<Baldy> lol

<MegaLiz> Stang is a jew. and a palestinian. He's very hostile toward


<Sloop> well...maybe he likes animals....I don't care, or


<Sloop> But these disciples are sick

<Sloop> Jesus guys

<Sloop> what are u gonna do?

<RevLoki> No.. "Bob's" Guys


<MegaLiz> We are so WEARY of apologizing for our schimastic spastic


<Sloop> of course u can

<MegaLiz> we will shun the wicked!

<MegaLiz> Give us some names!

<Sloop> why do have that nick?

*** RevLoki sets mode: -o RevLoki

<RevLoki> There, I don't you I can't do anything

<RevLoki> Look.. if you want to take care of these guys, see the

webpage HTTP:// and e-mail stang, he'll take

care of them..

<MegaLiz> Sloop: they ALWAYS have an EXCUSE.

<MegaLiz> Loki: that's not eggzackly correct.

<Sloop> nope....that's sick

<MegaLiz> What's sick? Sloop are we having the SAME conversation?

<Sloop> Liz..........

<MegaLiz> I wouldn't recommend bothering Papa Stang with this, he's


<MegaLiz> Yes?

<Sloop> Today on Advice...........

<MegaLiz> Yes?

<Sloop> these godforsaken ppl have told us

<Sloop> and ....worst of all condone....

<Sloop> that the Rev stand is having sex with

<Sloop> Little BOYS & GIRLS

<MegaLiz> It's a LIE

<MegaLiz> I'm pretty sure!

<RevLoki> He doesn't have sex with little boys and girls.. they're too


<MegaLiz> He prefers SQUID

* Sloop wants to perfrom a Lorenna Bobbit

<Sloop> too tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* RevLoki is preparing to perform a kick ban

<Sloop> that's the ONLY fuckin teason

<Sloop> u do that

<RevLoki> Yes..

<MegaLiz> RELAX, Sloop.

<Sloop> No.........

<Sloop> Do u guys know.....

<RevLoki> You're too wound up

<Sloop> I am trained as a de-programmer

<MegaLiz> Sloop needs a stack of Slack

<MegaLiz> Rilly?

<RevLoki> take some drugs.. chill

<RevLoki> So?

<MegaLiz> Moonies and so forth?

<RevLoki> Do you know.. that I'm trained as a offset press operator

and Graphics designer

<MegaLiz> Mormons and Pentacostals?

<Sloop> LOL, Loki! good one :)

<RevLoki> I'm also a neurogynecologist

<MegaLiz> I'll be back later, gentlemens. I hafta bake a cake! :)

<Sloop> yikes

<Sloop> Those are ur best candidates, Liz :)

<RevLoki> Mormons? Morons with an extra m?

<Sloop> But.............

<Sloop> u guys

<RevLoki> butt..... warts

<RevLoki> they bleed alot

<Sloop> stop fucking with the 'vunerable' ..that's sad

<RevLoki> "It's people like YOU"

*** MegaLiz is now known as MegaWay

<RevLoki> Everyone is vulerable.. you just have to know where they are

vulerable at.. with these guys, it's easy

<Sloop> yea...well, don't take advantage!

<RevLoki> There's not alot to do in this chuch that someone else

hasn't done, we're being original..

*** Baldy ( has left #subgenius

<Sloop> Loki....ur being 'exploitive!

<RevLoki> well, you know.. you're being poor management..

*** louisev ( has joined #subgenius

<RevLoki> if you see someone who is suspicious you should kick them

earlier.. before they can take advantage..

<Sloop> No way

*** louisev ( has left #subgenius

<Sloop> gawd....then kick ur illustrious fuckin leader...stang

<RevLoki> Why? He's a nice guy...

<Sloop> I'm about to report him ton the FBI

<RevLoki> and stang isn't our leader.. "Bob" is

<Sloop> Whose Bob

<Sloop> and................

<RevLoki> J.R. "Bob" Dobbs..

<Sloop> if he fucks with kids and other vunerables..............

<Sloop> he will also be reported

<RevLoki> Living slack master and high epopt of the church of the


<RevLoki> Lord.. look at you.. you're here fucking with me

<RevLoki> I should REPORT YOU!

<Sloop> U do that, Rev!

<Sloop> we have enuff on ur channel to at, the very least, make it

very uncomfy!]

<RevLoki> You know.. just leave.. you're being too preachy

<Sloop> Preachy?

<Sloop> I haven't said a thing

<RevLoki> Throwing your weight around because you're an op on another


<RevLoki> I'm not the founder of this channel.. RevPsych is..

<RevLoki> bitch him out

<Sloop> ops, snpos, I could care about such foolishness

<RevLoki> I'm just another op here.. like any of the other ops. snops

<RevLoki> You do care for such foolishness.. or you wouldn't be here

<RevLoki> in fact.. leave

<RevLoki> now..

<Sloop> or?

<RevLoki> or I kick you..

<Sloop> ok

<RevLoki> nothing big.. I won't ban yoiu..

<RevLoki> I have better things to do than ban people all day

<RevLoki> and listen to people whine

<Sloop> Well.....

<Sloop> Do u think that we

<RevLoki> no "well" just leave

*** Sloop was kicked by RevLoki (RevLoki)

*** Sloop ( has joined #subgenius

<Sloop> wanted to snd 30 -45 min

<RevLoki> old you I wouldn't ban you..

<RevLoki> Look at it this way, they're gaining life experience..

<RevLoki> My friends are just simulating what it is like to be in such


<Sloop> listening to ppl from ur channel who were confused about the

sexual favors u were asking?

<RevLoki> seeing what adive they can get from people who might know

about them

<Sloop> we put up with them..............

<RevLoki> Well kick them

<Sloop> because our channel cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<RevLoki> I'm not the op there

<RevLoki> now stop bitching

<Sloop> I'm not bitching

<RevLoki> You're bitching

<Sloop> what I waNT TO FIND out

<RevLoki> well you found out. didn't you?

<RevLoki> Now shut up

<Sloop> is WHO the fuck is exploiting these ppl

<RevLoki> beats me.. like I said, there are alot of people who

frequent here

<RevLoki> especially in the late evenings..

<Sloop> The rev an often Brought up topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<RevLoki> So..

<RevLoki> What do you want me to do? overthrow the church?

<RevLoki> Stang lives all the way up in canada... I live in

california.. I can't do shit

<Sloop> Church? what church?

<RevLoki> The church of the Subgenius

<RevLoki> I told you..


<Sloop> IF I can prove he has FUCKED with a MINOR............

<Sloop> watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<RevLoki> He hasn't fucked with nayone

<RevLoki> get over it

<Sloop> bullshit

<RevLoki> Stang is to busy to do anything like that..

<Sloop> I already have logs

<RevLoki> Do you believe everything you read?

<RevLoki> Are you that gullible as to believe a subgenius..

<RevLoki> We lie because we like it..

<Sloop> U guyts Nuts

<Sloop> yup

<RevLoki> we're not nuts.. we're excentric

<Sloop> all of my family...........

<Sloop> and my hubby's family are menbers of mensa

<Sloop> so what!!!!!!!!!!!!

<RevLoki> Well your family needs to see a shrink, buddyboy..

<Sloop> lol

<Sloop> I am a shrink

<Sloop> lol

<Sloop> :P

<RevLoki> Well. see your family, will ya?

<RevLoki> I hear they're nuts

<Sloop> U guys are sick!

<Sloop> and

<Sloop> watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<RevLoki> and..

<RevLoki> watch out for what?

<RevLoki> It's not my fault..

<RevLoki> I had nothing to do with today

<RevLoki> what I did was an unrelated incedent with what happened


<RevLoki> or later last night


<RevLoki> Wait wait...

<Sloop> I'm turning ur URL in with additions

<RevLoki> tell me about htis exploitation thing.. what did I miss?

<RevLoki> You know.. you're a real asshole..

<RevLoki> you're bugging me

*** Sloop was kicked by RevLoki (RevLoki)

*** RevLoki sets mode: +b *!*

*** RevLoki is now known as RevBobo

*** RevBobo sets mode: -o RevBobo

*** RevBobo is now known as Darktalon

*** Darktalon ( has left #subgenius

*** Darktalon ( has joined #subgenius

*** Darktalon ( has left #subgenius

*** RevLoki ( has joined #subgenius

*** ChanServ sets mode: +o RevLoki

*** RevLoki is now known as DarkTalon

*** DarkTalon sets mode: -b *!*

*** ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*

*** DarkTalon sets mode: -o DarkTalon

*** DarkTalon ( has left #subgenius

*** RevLoki ( has joined #subgenius

*** ChanServ sets mode: +o RevLoki

*** RevLoki sets mode: -b *!*

*** RevLoki is now known as DarkTalon

*** DarkTalon sets mode: -o DarkTalon

<DarkTalon> Meg.. how ya doin?

*** DarkTalon is now known as RevLoki

*** RevLoki ( has left #subgenius

*** RevLoki ( has joined #subgenius

*** ChanServ sets mode: +o RevLoki

*** RevLoki changes topic to "The church no longer condones the

torture of #Advice.. people who do will be punished by the ops there

because they have no sense of humor."

*** Dave ( has joined #subgenius

*** Dave is now known as BBQ

<BBQ> Meg, why is Jack elsewhere?

<RevLoki> where is jack?

<BBQ> on the SeKrit server.

*** Sbreeze (~Sbreeze@ has joined #subgenius

<RevLoki> ohh.. who else is there?

<BBQ> Sbreeze!

<Sbreeze> hi!

<BBQ> Nobody. Well, Iceknife.

<BBQ> Wie geht's?

<RevLoki> Get over it sbreeze

<Sbreeze> u got it

*** Sbreeze (~Sbreeze@ has left #subgenius

<RevLoki> There


<RevLoki> hehehe





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