Subject: lesbian.....not toys

Date: 24 Aug 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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AnimalPassion wrote:


:What girls do when guys not lesbian.....not toys<br>


NO! Lesbians are NOT toys!! Have you any IDEA how many injuries are

caused every Christmas by people trying to stuff batteries into

lesbians? No? Well.... lots and lots!


I am SICK AND TIRED OF creeps trying to use my favorite lesbians as

automatic pitching machines, tricycles and those little bobbing birds

that dip their beaks into wine glasses like miniature perpetual motion

thingies. (You know the things I mean - they're not mobiles... I'll

call them Drinking Palooka Birdies With Hats for simplicity's sake).


ANYWAY, I would vehemently encourage all of you to resist the urge

next time to ask a lesbian to spin you around by the elbows. They are

NOT here for your amusement only!!!



"You're driving to my blind cone--then a high G. But abort your angle of

attack. My sparkle is too much for you. You're a spitter. Now terminate

any intercept in progress."