Subject: Money for nothing (was Re: Is hacking really against the Law??)

Date: 20 Feb 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegEliz)

Organization: Gene Wolfe Library and Family Restaurant, East Wing

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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 (Doctress Neutopia) wrote:


: Break down the walls of capitalism

: which are causing us to be divided. Break into the Pentagon

: and take all the money out of the accounts of the rich and

: but it into an Earth Bank.


This reminds me of a story - doesn't everything?


Why I Don't Play the Lottery


A long time ago, I was getting recharged in Las Vegas when suddenly

the Grateful Dead came to town. After the show I was wandering around

with old friends and new ones exploring the Aladdin Hotel. I later

decided that the Aladdin was chosen strictly because it had the most

mind-blowing carpet in town (no mean feat). Everywhere we went in the

casino, there were older folks in golf suits studying the hippies who

were studying the carpet. After a while, there were very few

non-deadheads standing around. While they were all off to the

Tropicana, we decided to gamble.


Everybody was way too fucked-up to do the necessary math for

blackjack, so we converged on the slot machines. These are generally

much less complicated, although some of the guys (who were students of

the patiently-waiting-to-get-laid-any-year-now school of chivalry)

would forget to perform step two and pull the handle. This is how it

worked: we would line up at the machines and pump in nickels until

somebody hit a jackpot. The winner would then walk around with a cup

and hand out nickels to the assembled worshipers. Eventually we would

run out of money and find some guy named Steve who had money and um...

stuff, then we'd get back to the machines. Each cycle took a little

longer than the first, because it got harder and harder to find Steve.

By three a.m. or so, we got completely distracted from our mission and

gave up on Steve, having found somebody else with spare change to join

up in search of champagne.


I'm not sure why Steve made supporting a bunch of goofballs his hobby,

but I guess he had nothing better to do with his inheritance. This

routine was not new. When it came time to buy groceries at their

house, I learned, Steve had to be called in to put up the cash more

often than not. I wonder if he thought this was beautiful or

interesting? While we were feeding the machines there were a lot of

comments like, "Wow, man, I know this is evil but I have to follow

this compulsion through. This is really interesting. I'll have to

think about this when I'm not soooo fucked-up."


Ultimately, Steve didn't win anything but nagging, we Scarlett O'Haras

didn't win more than temporary hypnotic sensory input, and the Aladdin

got all the cash.


This is real-world redistribution of assets in action.


Not-Yet Popette (Pit Boss) Meg



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