Subject: Re: Cleveland Report

Date: 02 Nov 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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 (Lou Duchez) wrote:


: gets tough. And I think she selects her friends primarily on how

: ready they are to kiss her ass; that's why she keeps Meg around (no

: spine whatsoever) and why she hates me (because she discovered she

: can't control me through intellect or hormones).


Lemme see...Is this where I'm supposed to unzip my spine and wave it

around frantically, using it as a pointer to thwack my chalkboard

outline of all the reasons that I'm not technically spineless? "Number

one: My shoulders have not been in my pelvis for decades now..."


It would be an awful lot easier if you simply announced that you don't

want to take my advice. Oops. That's more advice, innit?


: My biggest worry about her has been her trying to trash my good name

: behind my back,


You're doing just fine all by yourself. Nobody tries harder to LOVE

YOU, Lou, than I do. I'm pretty sure. You just need to understand that

even if you throw your skin down over every puddle, that doesn't mean

that you get to direct all the traffic on top of it.


Just let it GO, Lou. Let the angels waft it away.



* "Okay! Okay! I'll NEVAH EVAH do it AGAIN!" - The Spunky

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