Subject: Re: Love

Date: 28 Nov 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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I love this. Really.


I'm not sure where to insert or snip so I'll just take it at the top.


At times, I'm uncomfortable with the HATE THING, but I believe it has

its purpose. Sure, it feels bad: it's HATE. It takes some getting used

to. I'm growing a taste for hate, because it beats the hell out of

self-loathing to put the blame where it so often should be--OVER



Hate Thy Neighbor NOT Thyself.


Why have hate? Why have love? It just IS. You can crunch it down in

lovey stuffing, but it just condenses there until you have the

uncontrolled HATE PUFF or HATE NUKE spinning in some mysterious

Heisenberg Space. It's better to tune it and direct it where it may

actually do some good.


If you consider love in the active, what's-best-for-them sense,

sometimes the best way to love someone is to hate them.


Unmanaged "love" can be every bit as bad as loose hate. Harness that

hate and GO, baby. I've got mine cornered, but it's still liable to

turn on me.


Note: anybody who wants to complain about this can stand behind my

hate pony and say, "AH!"


the Grand Clavister <> wrote:


: So one of the things I realized is that the whole Janor-inspired running gag

: about how SubGenii are to all harvest and promote and nurture their HATE is

: satirical and easily as WRONG WRONG WRONG as the bit in tBotSG about Con

: religion-style mass-"Bob"-worship.


: Life really is a hell of a lot more enjoyable if you begin to use love

: instead of fear. Finding an old post in Dejanews, where some fool followed

: up a post of mine with intentionally mean insults, etc. started to piss me

: off, until I realized that all I was getting was the shit in his/her head,

: and it didn't have to piss me off because it had nothing to do with me.


: Then there was that whole debacle when Legume pretended to be dead and

: everyone went nuts and then he was alive again and everyone went nuts again,

: and a lot of people pulled an attitude and explained how foolish other

: people were for falling for the gag and not finding it funny. I found these

: posts and began to get angry, and internally restart the argument and

: debate... but I have to realize that this is just something a couple of

: people did, and they did it for whatever their reasons are, and I have to

: imagine that, since they're human beings just like me, that they have some

: kind of internal logic (or rationalization) that made them do it; and the

: people who thought it was a great gag felt the need to point out how foolish

: the other people were because of _their_ own internal logic; and the people

: (like me) who didn't like the gag didn't like it because of _their_ own

: internal logic. It's not good; it's not bad. It's just them. And me. And

: everybody.


: I think, personally, that ULTRAHATE2 stuff came mostly out of Janor's

: routines, and sort of developed a running-gag life of its own. But I don't

: think it really fits with the ideals of Slack; Slack, in my opinion, relates

: a lot more the love than hate. Unfortunately, the HATE stuff might give more

: than a few SubGenii a "rationale" for holding on to their internal fear and

: hate far more than is good for them.


: Lennon and Christ and Hicks were right. It's a choice between fear and love.

: Fear says draw lines between your group and everybody else. Fear says,

: "hate", "discriminate", "close yourself off". Love says you have to love

: everybody. You can't pick and choose: the ones that are the hardest to love

: are the ones that you HAVE to love. The moment you exclude someone, you draw

: lines. I'm not saying you should embrace them and take them into your home

: and give them all your money and marry them. Love doesn't mean any of that.

: Love just means recognizing the other person as a person just like you.

: That's why propaganda works to dehumanize the enemy. You can't fight someone

: who's just like you, or reminds you of your uncle or brother or son. Charles

: Manson isn't a monster. He's a sick guy. He's a fucking homo sapiens that

: came out of a womb just like you and me. If he's got fucked-up chemicals or

: hormones or some godawful childhood memories that bonkerize(d) him, then you

: gotta realize that and not staple the file shut and write "THIS GUY IS THE

: DEVIL" in marker across it and throw it in the garbage, because mental

: "shortcuts" like that are based on fear and hatred and they have an

: inevitable tendency to build up on you and fill you up until there isn't any

: room left.


: Love says I should realize that Stang blew a fuse and emailed me insulting

: shit (this is a while back) because he had that shit in himself and, in his

: weakness, spit it out at me. I have to realize that and not allow it into

: myself... because it isn't mine. I don't want it. I have to understand it,

: and, more importantly, I have to forgive Stang for sending it. Because

: that's what love is. (Besides, he apologized.)


: And please don't interpret my post as an accusation of weakness on anyone

: else's part. It isn't intended as such. Anyone who thinks it is, or feels

: the need to attack me or my posts or my logic is reacting and giving in to

: their own internal crap. You can post it if you think it'll make you feel

: better... but it won't. Believe me. All you'd be doing is spreading the shit

: a little wider and thinner. But it doesn't go away that way. It only makes

: it worse.


: Are there some people that, were they to be dead this moment, would make

: this planet a better place? Yes. Absolutely. I'm not asking anyone to become

: their bosom buddies. But you gotta know that they're people. THAT's LOVE.


: Being able to love everyone is probably the hardest thing in the world to

: do. But I'm willing to work at it for the rest of my life.


: Man, mushrooms are great. (Keep in mind, this all came from one trip [and a

: fantastic camping trip / weekend] over 3 months ago.)