Date: 26 Feb 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

Organization: MotPU: Where Binary Moodswings are ALWAYS on the Menu

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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NENSLO <> wrote:


: What really appears to be odd is that the kindly soul who donated

: the accursed device now REFUSES to answer my emails since I said I would

: never be able to paint THIRTEEN paintings to illustrate her poetry. I

: guess this is my punishment for being a GREAT ARTIST. If I don't STOP

: doing the very thing that made me a great artist, i.e. DOING MY OWN WORK,

: I get stuck with a bum modem and left up shit creek paddleless.


I'll send you an attractive static-absorbing pith helmet! All you need

to do is paint SIXTEEN paintings to illustrate my shopping list for

feminine hygiene products!


Remember: yeast is the beast!




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