Subject: Re: misconceptions about slack

Date: 20 May 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegEliz)

Organization: Gene Wolfe Library and Family Restaurant, East Wing

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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 (NENSLO) wrote:


: I've noticed that a lot of people are posting about slack, and how

: such and such a thing "has" or "gives" "slack." And I just wanted to

: point out that these folks are usually using the term "slack" to refer to

: the type of personal feelings of pleasure and satisfaction which can be

: "derived" or "obtained" from an experience or an object of perception.

: Slack, in actuality, is not a "thing" or experience which can be

: attached to, caused by, or gotten from any experience or object of

: perception.

: When people write about how they saw some show on tv or obtained

: an object or ate something or had some sort of experience that had or gave

: them slack, what they are TELLING YOU, you perceptive one who sees through

: the veil, is that they have temporarily satisfied their Need-Implant by

: feeding it what it demanded, and they feel okay for now.

: True enough, the SubGenius must have slack, but LEARN that the

: feeling of pleasure obtained by temporarily getting "ahead of the game" -

: the "you know who"'s game, is "NOT IT."

: Some of our ancestors used NOT IT as a slack detector. If you can

: perceive something, say NOT IT, and know that it is not slack, nor can it

: be a source of sourceless slack.

: By all means, have as much Conspiracy "satisfaction" as you can

: get. I mean if you have the time to devote to it.


I have been wondering about this very thing. I have had no detectable

Slack for about a MONTH. Sure, sometimes I feel okey-dokey or even

lucky or satisfied but NOT SLACKFUL. I don't have a fucking clue where

it comes from, sometimes an event may cause me to recognize that it's

here and then POOF that does it. Examined Slack does not last.


So I guess I'll just have to wait and ignore it? Maybe it's here, but

now I'm skittish about checking.


Is there a Slack test? Is there any point to such a thing?


How 'bout if I have someone else check my Slack? A Slack-smear? Won't

they just steal it?


I suppose if I actually PROVIDED someone with it, then I must have

some that I haven't noticed? Is it possible to have a low level Slack



Wouldn't it itch?


p.s. I went to a mental hospital today. If I had a current tetanus

shot, I would have felt RIGHT AT HOME.


Here's my new sig!!!!!!!!!


Your .signature is REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES. I'm of a FRAGILE

TEMPERAMENT, and the way it keeps SCROLLING UP after your one liners



You MIGHT want to CONSIDER using some of the BLANK EMPTY SPACE on the

right side of the screen. Just there -->.


Y'know, sorta boiling some of the philosophical interlardations and

empty space out. If you can't reduce the core of your philosophy to

ONE PITHY QUOTATION, then it's hardly worth having a philosophy at



I mean, some people kind of regard this kind of thing as kind of

embarrasing, y'know, like pointing out that someone smells bad,

y'know. But wouldn't you rather KNOW? That's the sign of a TRUE

FRIEND, y'know, someone that's not afraid to tell you that you SMELL

BAD. Or so deodorant commercials used to teach us. Now they just teach

us that if you smell GOOD, then you'll be sexually

irresistable. Apparently this was true of H.G. Wells. Not that he was

a big deodorant junkie. But apparently, his body odour smelt

peculiarly like honey, and this was what accounted for his "pulling

power". Pheremones!


-Zero Point Knowledge Guy