Date: 29 Nov 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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 (Selvi Çhelebiolu) wrote:

: In article <>,

: says...

: >

: >

: >Have you got a PSYCHIC PET???

: >

: >Can you dog 'see' into the future??

: >

: >Has your cat got spooky eyes that look as if they can see ghosts.

: >

: >Weird creatures, supernatural animals...I am researching a book on

: >PSYCHIC PETS and need your tails..err tales.

: >

: >email me or post your ghostly anecdotes right here.

: >


: >

: >John.


: K.....this isn't really my story, its my friend's.


: My friend, we'll call her Jill, has a dog named Duke. She had Duke in

: the car with her and he was acting up real bad. He was jumping and

: barking etc. Duke all of a sudden stopped and layed down, extremely

: quiet. About 10 minutes later she was in a car accident. She was

: driving past this old man's house while he was pulling out of the

: driveway. He pushed the brakes, and they didn't work, so he paniced and

: hit the accelerator. He hit the car at almost full speed. Jill thinks

: that Duke was trying to warn them, gave up and prepared for the accident.


: Selvi


Gosh, Jacemngt, (THAT'S a mouthful, I must say!) I don't have a

psychic dog, but she DOES double as a barometer. She always gets

nervous before the tornadoes and she refuses to eat lettuce.


It probably means that you shouldn't eat salad if you want to avoid a

surprise home demolition. I have abided by this rule and my house is

still standing, so there's something to it for sure!




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