Subject: Re: Food of the Gods

Date: 13 Dec 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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angela@Exis.Net (Sophia Anifantakis) wrote:

: Popess Lilith von Fraumench ( wrote:

: : Teach her how to predict the future by throwing water balloons full of paint

: : up into the air and studying the splatter prints it makes. It's a lot cheaper,

: : you can make up the lessons as you go along, and maybe she'll realize that

: : running her life based on water balloons is no more silly than calling phone

: : psychics. And it's a lot more fun.


I just wanna say that I love this idea. LOVE IT.


: The bad part is they manage to say a couple things that really ring

: true..I've heard that police use physics to solve cases. That part

: confuses me. Is it possible these people really can see things? I don't know.


YOU know the answer! It's just like horoscopes, all you need to do it

say things that people want to believe and you're bound to hit



- You are sensitive to others [this may include animals], but are

often misunderstood [this may also include animals].

- There have been times of struggle [don't say WHEN], but things will

improve [this is only gonna be snorted at by the 50% of the terminal

population and by most of the pessimistic minority].

- Watch for romantic entanglement [this doesn't guarantee that it'll

include YOU, OR that it'll exclude animals].

- Leo will play a significant role [everyone knows a Leo, even if it's

only someone they see annually. At least they can imagine that their

dentist's visit is somehow "significant" if need be].


You could make a FORTUNE in fortunes, Angelina. I have forseen it!




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