Subject: Re: I Was A Teenager

Date: 12 Apr 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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Benjamin G Haupt <> wrote:


: You're sister had a toe collection in her pocket?


No. That's just SILLY. She DOES have a scalp collection, but she won't

whip it out often enough.


: I forgot to mention that Jen also has one arm longer than the other...


She shoulda been a contender. I hear that that's the secret of all

great boxers.


: I forwarded your response to a friend of mine so that she can remind me of

: some more defects that Jen had...


Yer doin' pretty well already, I'd say. Does she have to sleep in a

sitting position?


: Ooh..that's right...she had to buy one size 6 shoe and like the other was

: a size 8...That was probabbly due to the absent toe...

: I assume that as a child her parents probably switched out a shoe...

: and perhaps she still does.

: Wouldn't it suck to try on the box of "leftovers" after she leaves...

: Its a very selective crowd that has that big a difference in their size

: feet.


Hmmm. I suspect that anybody as malformed as your Jen would have to be

pretty resourceful - maybe she has a Shopping Buddy with the opposite




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