Subject: Re: Snip-O-Rama!

Date: 17 Aug 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)

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 (Doktor DynaSoar Iridium) wrote:


: My ex^1-mom-in-law was a patient of two generations of OBGYNS who

: recalled her often as the "classic breeding pelvis". The elder claimed

: each visit that he was in love with her construction (and otherwise

: perfectly gentlemanly and a friend of the greater family). She fondly

: recounted this to her daughter (my ex^1) who equally proudly recounted

: it. More often than might be prudent -- but I appreciated it.


: I'm just glad *some* people appreciate the biology of us.


Hmm. Now I have to wonder why Dr. Bob always remembers me. I thought

it was the things I SAID, like: "I won't sue you if you use the

forceps, so just relax and keep breathing just like that," and,

"I just love the smell of antiseptic in the morning!"


We always have the most delightful chats during breast exams, too.


By now I know he'll be my uterine technician for LIFE. After the

utmost thorough trust had been established, I asked him again why

exactly my first OB had been de-licensed. These people hate to gossip

with mere patients about this stuff, and nobody else would tell me

what the little creep did. I just knew that Sparky was among his last

deliveries, and on d-day he was not only vaguely incompetent, but

spectacularly surly, and generally behaved like a petulant drug addict

with something better to do.


Dr. Bob finally confided that the evil one had been given the ultimate



Now I just WISH he'd tried something with me. Seriously. He still

would have BEEN a prick, he just wouldn't have HAD one.



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