Re: sleeping with a 14 yr old girl


14 Mar 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegaLiz)


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 (TarlaStar) wrote:

: Timothy Sutter <> wrote:

: >TarlaStar wrote:

: >> Timothy Sutter <> wrote:


: >> >It's a fact that 14 year old girls don't have much of a sexual

: >> >sensation.

: >>

: >> How the HELL would you know? You ever been a fourteen year old girl?

: >> Do you believe that the nerve endings have failed to grow completely?

: >> You are incorrect.


: >I asked one, you dumb ass.


: You asked a fourteen year old girl about her sexual sensations? What

: did you expect her to base her experiences upon for comparison? Do

: you believe that asking one fourteen year old a question is proof of

: your statement? I don't.


HAHAHHAHA. I just had a vision of SOME GUY polling eighth-grade girls:

"Do you have more or less clitoral sensitivity than you had when you

were an adult?"


Did this take place at THE MALL?!?! In front of the Orange

Cookie-Dough Factory Shoppe? Did they giggle hard enough to clink

their piercings BEFORE they spit soda all over your white coat? Were

there very many HIEMLICHS involved? How many times did you actually

have to SPELL "clitoris" or write it out on your spiffy (but wet)



I MUST try this at home.




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