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Subject: Re: Apostrophes [Was: Drunkin I-ARE-SEE]

Date: 15 May 1999 00:00:00 GMT

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:>Okay, you punctuation pundits, what do you say about the apostrophe in

:>"years' more practice"? Goat Boy says it's incorrect. I (who

:>punctuate for a living) disagreed, but I'm not so sure now. I think

:>it would be correct to say "he's had a year's practice," so "he's had

:>years' practice" should be okay, too. Why, then, does it seem wrong?

:>Because there's no specific number (such as "five years' practice")?




:ya got me


You can't be serious! You BOTH are stuck on this?!? This must be the



To check the posssesssive, alls you gots to do it rearrange the werds.

Dropping the "more," of curse:


It is Mommy's eyeball. -or- It is the eyeball of Mommy.


He has had the practice of years. -or- He has had years of practice.


All that's missing is the "of"--so do the years modify the practice or

the practice modify the years?




He has had years o' practice



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