From: (Mumthra)

Subject: Dear Iceknife

Date: 24 Apr 1999 00:00:00 GMT


Newsgroups: alt.slack,alt.foot.fat-free



Do you remember, when you were little and you would go to the park

with Mom? Mom would buy you a nice icey soda, which you really

enjoyed, but the best part was having trash to throw out. Remember?


Remember the talking FEED ME squirrel and kangaroo trash cans?

Remember how much fun it was to put stuff in them? How they would say

"Thank you!" or "Smokey Bear Loves You!" when you deposited your

beloved leftovers?


Remember how, one day, you even put your shoes in there, just to hear:

"Good work! You have not made an indian cry!"?


Well, later you decided it wasn't worthwhile to sacrifice your shoes

for a recorded message, right? I think we've all reached that moment

somehow, whether or not we had to actually become barefoot to get



This illustrates my point, nicely: PLEASE DON'T FEED THE FUCKING