From: (Mumthra)

Subject: A funny thing I didn't write

Date: 17 Apr 1999 00:00:00 GMT


Newsgroups: alt.foot.fat-free



Earlier today I was thinking, and I thought of a really evil pun that

made me laugh and laugh. I thought: I will post this pun. Then I

thought: I could hatch a whole story around this stupid pun. So I did

it, but only in my head. It was SO FUNNY.


Now I can't remember any of it, so I can't write it.


I suspect that I'm getting stoned without my knowledge.


Bo and I went for a doubly long walk today and she greeted everyone

with a Queen Elizabeth wave. The only remarkable thing we saw was an

abandoned whole loaf of french bread by the side of the road. These

people know how to litter RIGHT.


Also, I have a cold and it has me. Glarg! Hoofle! Snerk!



This was probably from Mumthra.

"So you'd have to take it on faith that it was in fact

a tentacle and not, say, a potato." --Jahweh Dave Ly