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Subject: Re: ??(Long)

Date: 05 Jun 1999 00:00:00 GMT


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On Fri, 04 Jun 1999 19:58:22 -0400, Darkcell <>



:Feeling a bit put out are we? I am 31 and tend to chuckle at the

:bantering of the kids. No pompousness intended, and apologize to any who

:may be offended. What causes me to chuckle is the thought of my saying

:something almost like that at one time or another. I still call people

:with gray hair "blue hairs" when they cut me off or ignore a STOP sign. I

:just ignore the fact that my hair is starting to go white at 31 due to

:stress of the job and the world in general. I also have two kids! They

:are great and bring joy to my life... Oh my God!! I am not Goth!!! I

:have joy!! Right? Bite me. I still fear for their future due to the

:pathetic shape of our world and have an introspective attitude. Many

:times I will sit and wonder about the "What might haves" and "What could

:haves", but it is something I just deal with. Would I trade my current

:life in so I could be free to hang out with the younger goths??? No.

:They would be uncomfortable and I would look silly. I accept my place as a

:novelty or that "cool "older" guy" who hangs out occasionally. Bitter?

:Hell no - when I feel down, I lurk about the young to sap their energy

:;o). Besides, I don't let other people define me - and thus - I smile....


OH, I'm smiling, GOTH BOZO. I am a very heppy heppy mommy person. So

happy am I that I feel NO DESIRE to return to the mouthy stupidity of




I would like to encourage other, old, tired deviants to get at their

keyboards more frequently. These poor boys have no GUIDANCE, no FIT

EXAMPLES of The Way It Should Be!!!


I choose, oh-so-charitably, to believe THIS rather than the idea that

they really have no better stories to tell than "Way Back Last Year

When I Lost My Virginity To A Skank With No Name."



Remember Glen Campbell!!!!!