From: (Mumthra)

Subject: Pretty Good Pretty Advice for Mamafrog

Date: 28 May 1999 00:00:00 GMT


Newsgroups: alt.mothers


On 28 May 1999 02:16:59 GMT, (MamaFrog76) wrote:


:SO anyone have any ideas how I could get a "boost" with virtually no extra

:money to spend?!! =-)


The only FREE thing I can think of is a visit to a NICE department

store makeup counter. I like to visit the Chanel people because they

talk funny and it's always a pleasure to be fussed over in French for

some reason.


You should think about saving up for a day spa, though. I've been

meaning to do it for AGES, and I'm finally going to blow some serious

dough on a REAL spa in a few months when the rates go down.


It's fun to plan, and even if you can't take a trip, you can probably

afford a massage and a cab ride home if you skip a few pizzas or

haircuts in the meantime. But I digress. THat's not a beauty

treatment, even if it does feel WONDERFUL.


Day spas have packages that should allow you to pick and choose so

that you can get a nice facial or body mudpack or waxing or salad-on-

your-head aromatherapy or pedicure or manicure or elbow exfoliation or

cellulite special, and so on.


I've gotta mention, though, that my biggest beauty boost in recent

days has been the purchase of a cheesy toe ring.


The toe ring makes me feel oddly POWERFUL even when I can resist

waving my toes at passersby.