Subject: Re: Response to Friday in response to MR. Aryan White trash

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 10:09:37 -0500

From: (IrRev. Friday Jones)

Organization: PARTS

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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In article <>, wrote:


>IrRev. Friday Jones wrote:


>> >> Man, subgeniuses want to

>> enslave and murder EVERYONE who isn't a SG


>Speak for youself, Miss Jones!


>- and quite a few who are!

>> So keep up with those wacky happy post, A.G. Your mewings amuse Us. Are

>> you sure you don't want to join the Winning Side Of Beef?


>> $lack Uber Alles!

>> Lt.Col. Friday




> Please... No Two Subs are alike and if they are one must die,

>eh? What does this mean in relation to the fact that many of us DON'T endorse

>slavery...of anyone except MACHINES DESIGNED TO ENJOY IT?!!!?????

> Not all of us share even remotely siilar views (which is as

>it should be) But I have been wondering if perhaps the context of some ranting

>should recognize this...NONE of us can really speak for ALL of us due to

>the alleged amount of diversity this religion SHOULD contain. And I dont

mean diversity in the pathetic, mewling, politicly correct way... Sure,

Lots of us are evil, but there is a largely ignored or dissed minority that

consists of people (sic) who are Good, NEutral, any of the various

"Dungeons and Dragons"

>alignments (the alignment system in that game was good old fashioned

>reb' philosophy to many a young "lone nut") and in fact many who

>consider themselves BEYOND such Puerlile Concepts as good and evil. This

>"Catholicism of Evil" is exrtremely exclusionary and is breeding much

>resentment on my part, at least. Of course,

>I'm never satisfied unless I have something to complain about. ;?



I don't want a tolerant religion! I don't want a religion where I am

supposed to preface every rant with "Oh, all views expressed are my own and

may not reflect those of SubGenii as a whole" etc. etc. ad nauseum. What

could be more pathetic than a Church that doesn't have enough HATE in it

for us to HATE EACH OTHER!

The only thing lamer than THAT would be bringing some stupid movie or game

reference, like 'Dungeons & Dragons' - DOH!


> Not only does all this exclude us, but it gives newfound

>recruits the impression that its all about evil. Maybe it is for you all,

but if thats the case i'm an infiltraitor (no spelling error) and you'd


>eliminate me quick. I thought it was supposed to be about SLACK... If

>evil brings you slack, fine, but annoying evil gets Kilt quick...If its

>so cool, Why is everyone so pissed at Mr. Aryan Mud Genes?


Everyone's pissed because it's COOL to hate racists. Let's get some AIDS

activists or tree-huggers in here and see who has a righteous hate-hit off

of THEM. I think it's disgusting personally - we should be EMBRACING the

outcasts of society, especially the ones with LOTS OF GUNS!

What could be more of a TURN-OFF for the masses waiting to be sheared than

preachers who do NOT set themselves forth as icons of the Church but merely

lone nuts who happen to be carrying membership cards? Damnit, let the

sheep find out AFTER they've paid their $30 that we aren't all Nazis, or

racists, or satyrs, or nymphos, or celibates, or computer nerds, or

three-armed poker players, or myowm, or groovy shaggers! WE HAVE THEIR



> Maybe I'm just pointin' out th' obvious here...But if we were

>all evil we'd all be the same.


We are selling this planet to aliens who are going to maximize the pain &

suffering of its Pink inhabitants for CENTURIES, so that they can enjoy a


All so that we can go cruising off in our fur-lined Flying Saucers and

Slack Off.


"That's right. I'm EVIL!"


- FJ