Re: Response to Friday in response to MR. Aryan White trash

Author:Baron Saturday


Forums:alt.slack screamed into the vacuume:

>IrRev. Friday Jones wrote:


>> >> Man, subgeniuses want to

>> enslave and murder EVERYONE who isn't a SG


>Speak for youself, Miss Jones!


And for the rest of us cold-blooded Yeti types!



>does this mean in relation to the fact that many of us DON'T endorse

>slavery...of anyone except MACHINES DESIGNED TO ENJOY IT?!!!?????

> Not all of us share even remotely siilar views (which is


Exactly. NO PINK is truly happy unless they're ENSLAVED!! Look at the

governments they continually put into power across this dismal planet:

Hitler, Mussolini, Richard Nixon, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, et. al. Pinks are

BORN to be slaves! It's HARD-WIRED into their genetic structure! Looking

forward to death and being with whatever fantasy-gawd they have invented, and

being PERSECUTED enough to feel like they've "atoned" for their "sins" is the

only thing that gives their lives MEANING!!



>consider themselves BEYOND such Puerlile Concepts as good and evil. This

>"Catholicism of Evil" is exrtremely exclusionary and is breeding much

>resentment on my part, at least. Of course,


Ah, but are we "evil" for giving them what they want? What would their

pathetic lives be worth if they didn't have their opressors to scourge them,

and relieve them from the pangs of their concience? We give them the only

HAPPINESS their pathetic pink flesh with EVER KNOW!


I ask you, IS THAT EVIL? More to the point, is it AESTHETICALLY displeasing?



>I'm never satisfied unless I have something to complain about. ;?


Then complain about PINKS who will APPRECIATE your abuse!




>impression that its all about evil. Maybe it is for you all, but if

>thats the case i'm an infiltraitor (no spelling error) and you'd better

>eliminate me quick. I thought it was supposed to be about SLACK... If

>evil brings you slack, fine, but annoying evil gets Kilt quick...If its

>so cool, Why is everyone so pissed at Mr. Aryan Mud Genes?


Because he's STUPID. Everybody knows that GOOD IS DUMB!! He gives "evil" a



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Baron Saturday



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