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Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 14:29:07 -0800

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truwe@MiNd.NeT wrote:


> Oh, man, I gotta go pants shopping today.


Well, first off, I did get some pants. I don't know WHY, but they seem

to have stopped making the species of pants that were shaped like I am.

This necessitated trying on many different brands, styles and sizes of

strange pants, including trying on every different pair we were going to

buy, even if they were the same brand and model. I'm not sure how many

pants I tried on; I seem to have gone into a clothing-shopping haze.

There's no guessing how many pants I may have tried on in my delirium.


I have no idea how come television and that stupid allegedly-comic strip

"Cathy" are always joking about clothing shopping being fun and women

liking to do it. I don't know a single person who likes clothes

shopping, except the pinks in my age group, but they probably just like

to shop because they like conforming to stereotypes.


Anyway, we bought some pants. I wouldn't have run out of pants in the

first place, except I got a pair muddy yesterday playing in the snow.


See, we don't get snow in Medford, but there is snow up at Mt. Ashland,

so Matie and I* persuaded Poppa to stop rendering for a while and drive

us up there in the pickup so we could fill the bed with snow.


We had to ask Pop along because the road wasn't the best it's been, and

of the 3/5 of our vehicles that actually go, one is in mothballs and two

are Volkswagens. So we drove 45 mph on the shoulder up the mountain and Tunnel 13. Do you know why Tunnel 13 has national historic

significance? I'll tell ya later.


But we climbed up to that, and marveled at the snow and the big spools,

and the abandoned refrigerator full of pickles, relish, salad dressing

and chopped garlic in a jar. And we saw big icicles in the tunnel



Then we came down and found Pop had left the lights on. So I got to

help push. In the snow.


But we got it started, and drove up to the access road to Mt. Ashland.

Which turned out to be WAY too icy for the truck, so we stopped with the

motor running by a big ol' snowbank and shoveled snow into the back of

the truck until we hit dirt, then we had to shovel the dirty snow out of

the truck and move forward a bit. We drove back to Medford cautiously,

with the back dragging, and backed the truck onto the lawn. Boy, we

felt like REAL white trash! Pop went to the back to start the fire

under the fat again, I started shoveling snow out of the vehicle, and

Matie started making it into a fort. And of course, I accidentally

shoveled snow onto her head. NOT ON PURPOSE! And I spent quite some

time explaining that to her.


Then we both worked on making the fort. I don't know why we didn't make

snowmen, or just a big pile of snow, but Matie said "Fort," so that's

what I helped her make. I just wanted snow. She got kind of upset at

me because we didn't communicate exactly how this fort was to be

constructed, so I went in to make hot chocolate. We both had hot

chocolate, and worked some more on building it, then both got exhausted

simultaneously from the cold, being soaked, the mud and the general

heaviness of snow. Matie went inside and I had to put the shovels


I had a good idea and jumped on the hose for a while, then turned it

on. Man! It VOMITED ice! It was really spooky. Put on a high

pressure nozzle (bought to drench pumpkin-smashing punks) and set it on

"mist," then sprayed the fort. It's gonna be there until FEBRUARY.

While I was hosing off the shovels, the truck, the pumpkins (they're

STAYING there) and various things that displeased me, some street

urchins came up and watched for a while, then asked if they could have

some snow. I'm nothing but nice, so I said "Sure, just from this big

pile, not from this fort." And they all took big chunks of snow and

balanced them on their bikes. I hope some of their TV-watching boozer

parents look up and wonder where they got it.


Matie came back out in dry gloves and I attempted to teach her how to

throw snowballs. She throws like a GIRL, sort of doing a

pirouette/heave and missing any target COMPLETELY. She was very

impressed with my deadly accuracy and velocity, and we threw snowballs

at the house until we hit a window and got spooked. Then we threw some

at the tree, then Mom came home in the van and we threw snowballs at

her. Then we ran around the house to the back, where the fire was nice

and warm and the fat was bubbling, and went inside and took off all our

smeggy clothes and took a nice warm nap. Mmm.


I like getting really cold and miserable, then being all warm and cozy.

It's a study in contrast, I guess.


Then we had HAMBURGERS for supper! And watched Space Ghost!


I like Xmas Break!




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