Subject: Doubting the future

Date: 7 Dec 97 19:07:00 GMT

From: (Nully Fydyan)

Organization: Church of the Ungendered Yeti

Newsgroups: alt.slack



The prophesy's been frighteningly right

in the past, but also, sometimes

dreadfully wrong, though they

say that only means it happened

and we just don't know, having

closed our brains at the crucial

time. The prophecy leaves no doubt but

I'm not sure I believe

this post-Independence orgy

of destruction. I would have quit school

by now, abused my credit cards on

distant continents, abused my

body in every way. I would

be flying down a freeway

someplace warm in a car that

barely purrs. I would be

preaching the words of salvation.

The world is ending in July and

I, born kissing August, shall

never see twenty-three.



Rev. Nully Fydyan

Church of the Ungendered Yeti


"Is this the winter of our discontent or just an early frost?" -- Kevin Gilbert