Subject: Re: Hate for Victory II

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 11:58:29 GMT


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"Rev. Boblight" <> wrote:


> If there's anyone out there who persists

>in believing that ANYTHING said by ANYONE, especially self-professed

>LIARS, is TRUE, that's their problem.


Self-professed liars are just control freaks attempting to to control

the flux. Only a stopped clock is ever right. EVERYTHING is true,

somewhen. The EWG model is mathmatically sound; there is an omniverse

full of multiverses, and they all EXIST, and are therefor TRUE in some

sense. Self professed liars dont know any more about truth than anyone

else, so how do they know they're liars? Especially if the omniverse

creates no liars, because EVERYTHING is TRUE??? Does intent to lie

impart mystical knowledge of truth? NO! OF COURSE NOT! It just means

that the liar is more than one kind of STOOPID!


The FACTS (which are a working equation, not some mythical "truth",

because Heisenberg is WATCHING US) are that little Dougie Smith wanted

a miracle... ya know, MAGIC. It wasn't in the drugs, or with the

primatives... it wasn't anywhere they told him to look. They never

told him HOW to look. He was BETRAYED by Mark Wilson and Harry

Blackstone Jr. and Doctor Strange and Zatana and The Bible, because

NONE of that stuff was ANYWHERE to be had. The only place the magic

didn't fail was on the screen. Dougie found that film magic was

illusion, but it was REAL illusion. It wasn't solid, but by god you

could see and hear it! He studied the arcane crafts that are the heart

of that school of magic, writing and editing. He became a magician,

but mistook himself for a wizard. He then became jaded, as most

magicians do, and decided all magic was a hoax, and that he could do a

kind of reverse magic on that basis. Ivan Stang had won the battle for

Dougie Smith's soul.


The funny part is that MR.WIZARD tried to tell him what real magic

is... but it's too late, and he's all MESSED UP now, and has lost

perspective, and the only times it seems to return are when sees the

miracle on the faces of his children, or in his wifes eyes. This is

the saddest goddamn thing I ever had to write. I'm gonna go

eat cold pizza and jerk-off to the discovery channel now. okbye.





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