Subject: Re: Hate for Victory II

Date: 21 Dec 1997 17:19:47 GMT

From: Modemac <>

Organization: First Online Church of "Bob"

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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Ginsu <> wrote:

> But people, I hate

> the Church of the SubGenius and "Bob" for the hypocracy of it all.


Which is as it should be. This Church was built on hypocrisy, and we're

all hypocrites in our faith for "Bob." That's why we kill him every

chance we get. That's also why the SCHIZM is the way to go for any true

SubGenius. You don't just keep hanging around and fawning over "Bob" --

you break away and FORM YOUR OWN FAITH and do it the way YOU think it

should be done.


I saw "Bob" when I read HIGH WEIRDNESS BY MAIL, and I knew then that I was

a born Yeti at heart. "Bob" was there when I wrote my check and mailed it

to the Foundation. And "Bob" was there when I receveived my Ordainment

Pack, began participating in alt.slack, and founded my Web site. I HAVE

SEEN THE TRUTH OF "BOB!" He didn't descend in some silly flaming aura

from the heavens, because those things are old hat. The old "Bolt from

the Blue" way of winning converts went out with the dawn of the

communication revolution, because people are now a lot more cynical and

less likely to fall down on their knees and worship some yokel appearing

to them in a blaze of glory. So instead of doing the old 'Worship me,

mortals!' bit, "Bob" instead gave us the modern-day archetype for

religion, when he said 'You'll PAY to know what you really think.'


As for fawning over Ivan Stang's words: I listen to him because he's a

cool dude and a good writer. Just like I listen to all of my other




Reverend Modemac (

First Online Church of "Bob"


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