Subject: Re: Drop dead, Wrongthink

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:16:28 GMT

From: lurch@seabiscuit.yardhose (RevLurch)

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>MegaLiz wrote:

>> I'm not buying it. Tell me kevbob, if you were to visit a convenience

>> store at 11:00 p.m. and a rowdy group of YBMs in stocking caps

>> sauntered in and began to converse loudly while fanning out through

>> the store, would you grip your purse a little tighter? Would you eye

>> the door anxiously and reach for your gun as adrenaline pulsed down to

>> your toes? If so, would you react as strongly if the young men were

>> sporting little disk shaped hats and curly sideburns?


>> It's not who you HATE or who you'd invite for TEA--it's who do you

>> FEAR? I'm not suggesting that we're all intellectual racists, I'm

>> saying that we're all INSTINCTUAL racists. Betcha.


>I think it's a cultural thing rather than instinct as such. It's harder

>to predict someone's behaviour if their culture isn't the same as yours,

>because they can have quite a different set of behavioural signals. And

>we instinctively fear the unpredictable, at least to some extent. But

>for me it's not so much the fear of the unpredictable as the fear that

>they won't take cultural differences into account, and I'll

>inadvertently offend them and get the shit kicked out of me. This

>doesn't necessarily have anything to do with race, but since people of

>different races are usually from different cultural backgrounds, there's

>a strong correlation. And rowdy groups of people almost always scare me

>if I'm alone because group psychology can be quite nasty shit.


Meg is right. But there are also some unfortunate statistical

realities to consider. Pretending they aren't real won't make them go

away. I don't buy the cultural argument. A bunch of drunken, loud

Japanese businessmen with bic pens in their pockets fanning out in a

convenience store does not cause (at least in me) the sort of reaction

Meg describes, while I freely admit to having one exactly like she

describes in the presence of a gang of YBMs. Howcum? Well, my

instincts, personal experience, and a heap of information gleaned from

the usual outside sources all tell me one situation is more dangerous

than the other. But it's so uncool to say so we can just about

guarantee that whatever causal factors are REALLY behind the

discrepancy will NEVER be addressed nor eliminated.







Re: Drop dead, Wrongthink


Sun, 16 Nov 1997 22:03:58 GMT

From: (Dave Lynch)


Occidental Ministries




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On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:16:28 GMT, lurch@seabiscuit.yardhose (RevLurch)



>Meg is right. But there are also some unfortunate statistical

>realities to consider.



OK, if we're going to get into the race thing:


I hear bleeding hearts from time to time complaining about all the

"YBM"s in jail; that there's a disproportionate percentage of them.

To me this is like complaining about your insurance rates when you're

16. It's mostly YBMs who commit the crimes WE DON'T LIKE.


OTOH, I'll hear people- rich honkies, endless nerdboys on the net,

etc.- saying "What are WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" I'll tell you what I

intend on doing about it. NOTHING. I know enough history to realize

that really I could only fuck things up worse.