Subject: Tantric Aikido

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 13:50:43 GMT

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I found this article on aikiweb,

I hope the humor translates to those with no experience in Aikido



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by Ivan September, 1997


Many don't know about it, but there's an esoteric side of aikido -

tantric aikido. Don't forget that "ai" can be translated as

"love" and so aikido also means The Art of Making Love. The principles

of aikido can be applied on the mat as well as in bed. ... I know, I

know - why limit ourselves. I guess, I should say: on the mat, in

bed, on the sink, on the back seat of a car, on the bus station, in

the gutter, etc. Whatever the case may be, universal is universal - it

goes any time, any place.


Consider the following 12 universal Love (Ai) principles:


When you find the opening, enter!


It is preferable to enter deeply and from behind.


Change partners often, but keep the Sword in a sheath, for safety



A little bit of pain can be useful and stimulating.


Brute force is not important - technique is.


It's not important how big your Sword is, but what you do with it.


Practice daily, if you can. Young people (15 to 35) should engage

everyday, mid-aged people (35 to 60) - 3-4 times a week and elderly

people (over 60), twice a week. Kids (15 to 18) should practice with

each other only.


Make your partner relaxed and comfortable - otherwise she won't be

able to respond properly.


Solo sessions are OK, but group sessions are more satisfying.


Foot techniques are possible (although a bit esoteric) while hand

techniques are the norm.


You can also do it on your knees.


Don't rush with the technique. Timing is everything!



-= Ivan =-


Inner bliss through harder contact

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