Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 00:10:31 GMT

From: !!! (TarlaStar)

Organization: Little Sisters of the Perpetually Juicy

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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"RevsRoller" <> wrote:


>I could be an asshole, but most people who comment on my personality call me

>a BITCH, or a thoughtful young lady, if I'm feeling pleasant that day. Of

>course, it also depends on whether or not I LIKE you, as to which treatment

>you'll receive. For instance, I've not been given an opportunity to be

>anything other than a bitch since I started posting to this news group.


Given...given? Excuse me, Ms. Roller, but around here, you either TAKE

an opportunity or you create it but YOU are in control of the personna

you present, not us. No one is forcing you to post bitchy responses.

That's entirely your choice.


>Y'all like to be inhospitable from the outset 'roud here, doncha?


Well, we've been known to be kind when the person approaches with the

properly reverent or pleasant attitude and we tend to tread dumbshits

like dumbshits etc. It's one of those two-way street things. If you'll

note, I have YET to ream your ass....and *I'M* the keeper of the

sacred reaming tool.


> Well, I'm

>getting tired of always having to maintain a defensive attitude here.


Tired already? My goodness, they're sure making SubGenii weak these

days. You don't want to be on the defensive --- I suggest posting to

alt.hugs. This is the newsgroup for SubGenii.

> I

>don't deserve the nitpicky shit a choice few of the denizens here

>continuously sling at me. You, Reverend Fydyan are of this group. I haven't

>given you any cause to abuse me in this manner. I paid my $30.00 to the

>CotSG because I get a little encouragement from knowing there are others

>around who deal with as much bullshit as I do. I paid "to hear what I

>think". I certainly didn't pay for a barrage of insults designed to make me

>feel inferior to anyone, in particular a bunch of misfits like myself.


If a few insults make you feel inferior, there's nothing much WE can

do about that. Of course you didn't pay for it, it's entirely free and

comes with the territory. Perhaps you thought this was the Usenet

love-in, but I assure you, those without balls, teeth and a taste for

blood don't survive in these lands. This is YETI land, not Pinktown,

Sister. If you can't make it here, don't even DREAM about Dobbstown.

And quit yer fucking whining, it's unseemly in an Uberfemme. Keep

blubbering and I'll kill you myself.


> I don't feel inferior to anyone, and won't be made to. I'm not gonna be

>anyone's fucking ego gimp. Goddamn bunch of slack vampires.


This one's been drained before I even got to it....GODDAMMIT ICE!

You're always eating before the rest of us even sit down at the table.

No dessert for you, young man!




Most civilization is based on cowardice. It's so easy to

civilize by teaching cowardice.You water down the standards

which would lead to bravery.You restrain the will.You regulate

the appetites. You fence in the horizons.You make a law for

every movement. You deny the existence of chaos.You teach

even the children to breathe slowly.You tame."-Frank Herbert