Songs For The End Times...A Musical Offering

Author:e/ (Musical Bears)





Songs For The End Times


A Musical Offering in Four Parts, as originally published

in Douglas B. Horsefodder's epic: "Godel, Esher, Bob."


1. Pink Rabbit


One rant makes you Slackful,

And one rant makes you Pink,

But the rants that Ivan gives you,

Really make your brain-pan shrink


Go ask Ivan,

When he's had a drink


And if you go chasing PinkBoys,

When you know they're going to fall,

Tell 'em a tall pipe smoking character,

Has given you the call


Ask Ivan,

In the Devival Hall


When Pinks on the TV,

Get up and tell you how to live,

And you've just blown thirty dollars,

'Cos it's all that you could give


Go ask Ivan,

It's where he lives


When Yetis, and the Xists,

Have fallen from the sky,

And the PinkBoys are crawling backwards,

To escape the Evil Eye,



What the Subfux cry,

We won't die.!

We won't die.!


lyrics by: electro-weak bear (1998)

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Gracie, you SOLD OUT! And you were

just ONE letter away from immortality.

Talk about missing the Bus.



2. All Along the Watchtower (Sorry Jim)


There must be some kind of way out of here,

Said the Slackfux to the Bob,

There's too much CONfusion,

I can't get a good job


Pinks just stand there, waste my time,

Come and rob my Slack,

No one will level on the line,

Not even those who wear Black


No reason to get ignited,

The Dobbs he kindly spoke,

There are many here among us,

Who feel that Bob is but a joke


But you and I we've been through that,

And this is not our fate,

So let us stop talking falsely now,

The hour's getting late,


All along the Watchtower,

Subfux sang this tune,

While all the women came and came... oohhhh,

Bare-assed Bobbies too


Outside in the Slack Distance,

A Wild Bear did growl,

The Saucers were approaching,

And the Pinks began to howl


lyrics by: electro-weak bear (1998)

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I was gonna go with "SlackTower"

but I have too much respect for Jim.

I also let refrain #4 stand. It speaks

for itself. The man was a GENIUS.



3. Pinkie (no apologies, Rod. You deserve it)


<pam pam>

Wake up Pinkie I think I've got something to say to you,

It's almost X-Day and you really should have paid your dues,

All you need is thirty bucks,

Then you can hangout with some kewl Slackfux,

Oh Pinkie I couldn't have tried anymore


You're a fool if you disagree,

Yeah you're as blind as a Pink can be,

You stole my Slack and that's what really hurts


All I needed was a friend to share the Word of Dobbs,

but you turned into a maggot,

and Pinkie you old faggot,

you blew me off


All you did was steal my Slack,

And at Devival stab me in the back,

Oh Pinkie I couldn't have cried anymore


You made a third rate chimp out of me,

Now I'm so blind I can hardly see,

You stole my Slack and that's a pain I can do without


All I know is that you really should have stopped to think,

Instead of stealing other's Slack,

To make a living out of playing Pink,


Or found yourself a Devival Band,

That needs a Slackful hand,

Oh Pinkie you should have tried a whole lot more.


Just like a polecat up a tree,

Now I'm as burned as a Sub can be,

You stole my Slack, now GIVE IT BACK TO ME!


lyrics by: electro-weak bear (1998)

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I'm not sure I got it exactly right.

I didn't work from the original

because I HATE this song.



4. When Devival's Over ( Jim, what can I say?)



When Devival's over,

When Devival's over, yeah....

When the Devival's over,

Kill all the Pinks!

Kill all the Pinks!

Kill all the Pinks!



Well J.R. is your special friend,

He'll be with you till THE END,

Trust in him and you'll Ascend,

There'll be no END,

Your only friend....



( so improvise.... Jim did)


lyrics by: electro-weak bear (1998)

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