From biteme@spam.xus Mon May 25 02:05:06 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack,alt.conspiracy

Subject: Fat Monday

From: biteme@spam.xus (THE Rev. Ackme)

Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 02:05:06 -0700


It is appropriate that today would be Memorial Day. Time to be with

friends and family and reminisce over the good times and bad that have

come before.


Because at sundown, local midnight, or 0500GMT (take your pick), it is the

beginning of the end. The Hebrews spent 40 years wandering in the desert

after they got OUT of Egypt, Jesus spent 40 days in the desert being

tempted by the devil before he could get IN to his three year rant. And

now it is time for the children of "Bob" to move into our Great



Already the visions have begun. The dreams, the hallucinations, the

bizarre weird thoughts that won't go away. Denial isn't working so well

any more. Meanwhile, the schisms, the fallings away, the internal

battles. But the real battles are internal not to the "church," or the

"foundation," or the website or the newsgroup. Those are just

manifestations. The real battle now is for the virtual cyber balls (their

hearts and minds will follow) of the Subgenii themselves. Who will stand

with "Bob" in her/his heart as the world crumbles around them?


Yes, Brushwood will be important, and, yes, there are a lot of us who are

broke, lazy, and/or intimidated by the whole thing and who will be there

only by the grace of "Bob" himself, should he so will it. But at the

same time, the saucers and the Love Goddesses are within us, wherever we

are. And make no mistake, like the birth of a baby, they WILL BE BORN!

Abortion and miscarriage are no longer an option. The answer isn't "out

there" anymore, if it ever was.


Remember that voice within you? Whether it was 26 years ago, or last week

when you first saw a pamphlet or a book or a website or heard a radio show

or saw a video or just heard some fropped up idiot ranting in a bar, the

voice said to you "Oh shit, no! Turn it off!" because you knew if you

learned more you would never be the same?


That voice is back and it is only going to get louder. The times are upon

us! Say your farewells, make the videos, the websites, set the cron file

to send out the final e-mail so that they will have an answer when they

are asked where you have gone.


And then just fuck em if they can't take a joke.


Game over, man.


40 days.