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It was like reliving chunks of my own life! I had no idea that other people had friends like mine! I honestly thought that the old time Church Hierarchy people were the ONLY ONES!


I haven't read the book in 15 years, so it was all new -- EXCEPT THAT IT WAS ALL TOO FAMILIAR! Not that this is anything to brag about, but I'm afraid that damn near everything depicted in that movie, happened to me one way or another, except that I've never been to Las Vegas. We didn't do as many POPPERS. I'm afraid it was more along the lines of butyl nitrate, not amyl nitrate. (SHUDDER!!) But MAH GOD. I was seized with paroxysms of NIGHTMARE RECOGNITION. I have SEEN those hotel room floors do that... I have SEEN those Glorps turn into GOD KNOWS WHAT. I have SAT in those conventions in disguise and LOADED ALL OVER. Sure... everybody's seen the toilet splash THAT VIVIDLY. Everybody's seen their fat fucked up buddy come at them with a huge knife in a drug frenzy. But not everybody's seen such ARTISTIC SET DRESSING in HOTEL ROOMS... only thing missing was the torn Dobbsheads. There's a scene where "Hunter S. Thompson" is sitting in this TOTAL SQUALLOR playing back snippets of audio tapes of the horrible things he and his lawyer have done, and it was like being the in the Room Full of Funhouse Mirrors.


I can certainly see why Dr. Legume liked it so much, too. I was also reminded very frequently of Pope Sternodox, and at other times of the young Gordon.


A whole lot of that awful behavior I did before I was even 20. But what's a little extra horrifying for me is, SOME of it I went through while I was PUSHING KIDS in STROLLERS through Disney World or the Texas State Fair. (It's miraculous how real short hair, nerd glasses, and a small child combine to hide a multitude of sins). At least Thompson had the sense not to be a WARD CLEAVER LIKE DAD, SIMULTANEOUSLY!


What prompted me to go to the movie today, besides my fucked air conditioning, was the review in the Dallas Morning News. Beth PINKser (honest), the critic, said that that stupid show-off Gilliam's problem was, he was TOTALLY FAITHFUL TO THE BOOK, and soit was of NO INTEREST to ANYBODY unless you really wanted to see depicted the mindscapes of all these stupid untrendy 70s drugs like LSD, ether, mescaline, adrenochrome etc. etc. etc.


I guess that critic and I wouldn't have a whole hell of a lot in common.


To me, it was like watching HOME MOVIES of the times when I DIDN'T want a CAMERA around and DON'T REALLY WANT TO REMEMBER ANYWAY.

It's GREAT, though, to have somebody else's memories of it, in a movie theater, so that I don't have to deal with the hangovers.


KIDS -- DON'T try ANY of these stunts at home -- in fact. DON'T TRY 'EM AT ALL!!! LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS.



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