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Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 19:05:58 GMT


FeralOne@Infinity.Org wrote:

> Combat experience is different when you feel like you have

> no control, no resolution, no hope of making any difference.

> Not on whether you actually kill or not.


> This applies to any group that deals with the deepest fears

> and tragedies of life/death/dignity/humanity. You've seen it,

> I'm sure.


Ain't that the damn truth! (not the magazine of the same name)

All it takes to drive that home is holding someone you love as the

life slips out of them. No control. Total powerlessness. It does

differ when it's not caused by a human agency, because that adds

the explicit betrayal of one (ostensibly) sane being attacking another

(equally presumably) sane member of one's own species. Here comes

the fun part: you don't have to be in combat to know what it feels

like, all you have to do is care about someone. The fewer people you

care about, and the less you care about them, the less you suffer when

they're gone - BUT - the fewer you care for, and less you care, the

less it all means. Get it? It's a joke! A big funny JOKE!








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