Fight the void

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Fight the void


In a world of turmoil and twisted images, it is about time to find a

standpoint. Some choose to find this standpoint in the business of

money, but in the long run, this is not a good idea. True, money can

give you new freedom and short-duration enlightenment, but this will

only be true for a limited period. There comes a time when you have to

look yourself in the eyes and confront yourself and your spirituality

with the living world of your own denied spirit. To reach out and

touch your halo, to find your own reality, and to twist your

world-picture around. This, however, is a long process, and will

without doubt consume a lot of your time. At times it might look

worthless, but do not give up. Giving up is a failure. You have to

keep on going to find your own personal philosophy, to reach out to

it, and touch it. To open your heart and let it into your mind. To

adjust your picture of reality, and stop (or start) hallucinating. To

reach enlightenment, if of course easy for me to say, but I must

admit, it has been a lengthy process for me personally. I started out

belonging to the Protestant church (had no idea who Jesus or GOD was

at that time), and today I am the bearer of a minister card, and a

official member of the Church of the SubGenius. This church, is not an

ordinary church. This church, if used wisely, will bring you the

missing enlightenment and maybe, if you are lucky or have the demanded

skills, salvation. It is all a matter of how much energy you put into

your search. I am not saying that my search have ended at this point,

more less the opposite. It has just started. With "BOB" as starting

point, I have begun my voyage into the unknown world or turmoil. Just

look around you, there are no order anymore, no matter what PEOPLE try

to tell you, everything is falling apart, the good old values are

degenerating into the void. The void is growing, more and more are

added to this vast void, and if you are not careful enough, you will

be a victim of the void as well. This void is the result of keen try

to control the turmoil. The control (or the lack of it) has been, and

still is, conducted by the world's government. With this I do not the

so-called official agencies of the world. NATO and the United Nations

are not the official AGENCIES. These are only trying to make you

believe they are. The true agencies are those acting behind the

curtain. It is no longer an IRCON curtain, but a curtain made up of

CONTROL. They are controlling your life. They are writing the code of

moral conduct for which we have to follow solemnly. Now I have come to

a point, and I am not going to tell you that "BOB" will open up your

eyes, I am just telling you, to stand against this control. Fill up

the void with whatever you have at your hand. Do what has to be done,

break the hidden agenda, do not let anyone mess with you, they have no

right to do that. If you think that what you are doing is the right,

then do it. It is your perception of things that matter. Follow that

perception, outlive it, and deny your spirit.


notorious notaw (c) 1998,

19th of February, 0 bx.


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