Frashlight Fun!





Mama! Do you see dat light on Da's umpooter? What do you think it IS?

Nooooooo! It's my frashlight, silly!


Mama, torn Da's umpooter off and...and... don't torn YOUR umpooter off

and the lamplight off and I don't torn the frashlight off...


Okay! Now I will torn da frashlight off...


Now I will turn da frashlight on...


AH! A GUY! Oh, just a sshadow of a can...just a sshadow of

you...Around...and around...AH! A BIG CHAIR! A BIG BIG GIANT CHAIR!!!


Hey! Where'd dat light go?




If you look to me then you'll be lighted! I'm doing light at ya!




Do umpooters torn dereselfs off? Does this umpooter torn itselfs off?


[puts flashlight in underwear THEN covers light with hand]


HEY! Lookit DIS! My hayand is torning WED! Loook! Da light is coming

Bayack! It's getting big and bigger! There's a BIG BIG HAND in OUR

HOUSE! Mama look! What is THIS supposed to be? It looks like scaywee!

It looks like a BIG HANDMONSTER! Mama...Mama...? When are you gonna be

finished Mama?


I'm torning this off until you're finished...




"Is it just me...or do I have tape in my hair?" - Spunky