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>>Take heart, Anna. While it is true that it's harder for SubG females

>>to find each other; when they do it's a beautiful thing. And if I'm

>>any example, you'll have your SubG female friends for the rest of your

>>life instead of just for the brief time it takes for them to try to

>>steal your boyfriend. Men are easy. They're simple to understand. They

>>hate it when you say that---but it's absolutely true.


>I don't. I take pride in it. It bugs me when people make me out to

>be some kind of insanely complex and devious entity when I really have

>about four or five emotions, tops and am not too big on hidden

>agendas. I mean, some people will interpret every single thing you do

>as a sign- I'm not the fuckin' messiah, people!


i fear simplicity. if i suddenly "figured it all out" i'd know i was

deluding myself. i couldn't enjoy the reality of my confusion, and i'd

know i was locked in a static map of one reality instead of accepting

the flux of the real deal as it trickles down the cosmic string and

dribbles off my chin! i only have three emotions that i'm aware of,

but boy howdy, forget the emotions for a second, meatcake!

The THOUGHTS, MAN! THE THOUGHTS!!!! my emotions often translate into

reactions, but my self initiated actions come from my ideas.

emotional complexity of an amoeba, perhaps, but it's GOOD to make

the brain work!


burma shave is not always the answer....