From Mon Mar 16 11:24:18 1998

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: Re: KEN STARR SUCKS GOAT DILDOS AND LICKS NEWT'S ASS (wuz Re: resignation speech)

From: Kevin Santos <>

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 11:24:18 -0800


I thought this was a church that gave the Con the credit it deserves, if

not any grudging respect. Of course Republikkkens appear to be more

evil and sinister than Democraps. Haven't any of you been interviewed

by the police? Good cop/Bad cop has been around since the elder gods

were in daipers. Ever seen the image makeovers pro rasslers do every

few months. Learn to recognize two individuals (or political parties)

who are on the same team (against you) even if one of them appears more

sympathetic (but if you have to ride alone with one, ride with the one

playing good cop).


But the Clinton sex scandals have so obviously been fabricated by the

same folks who hipped the running-dog press to the so-called scandal of

whitewater and the Prez's supposed love of McDonald's "food"--the

Democraps. Nobody has benefitted from any of this except Bill Clinton

and his puppeteers (including Starr, or do I have that backwards?).

Look, Kenny Starr has spent $50 million of my money (and yours) to put

away a couple of old Clinton enemies--Jim McDougal and Jim "Guy" Tucker,

both of whom screwed BC big time--and guarantee himself all the false

slack money can buy. Starr is set for the remainder of his short life,

unfortunately for him, his pink hide will sizzle very soon. (Note to

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: This is a reference to the imminent rupture

of X-Day, not a personal threat.)


And how goes things for the Clitten team? Pinks are a majority and they

love McDonald's "food" (billions sold), they love tittilation without

the uncertainty and fear of real sexhurt, and they hate to see their

scrawny tax contributions being used to line the pockets of a special

persecutor who has perverted the nation's idea of justice to the point

that he's trying to find a crime to pin on his suspect, rather than

looking for a suspect to pin an actual crime on. Clinton's ratings



Face it. Any of you who claim to "know" about any presidential prodding

are full of shit. You don't even know if BC isn't really a gourmet or a

vegan, celibate or gay. You've never even seen the man. He may not

actually exist at all. (Look how well the Republikkkens did with the

Reagan lookalikes. The last two or three hardly bore any resemblance to

the deceased actor.) I do know that if I were running a PR campaign for

someone, real or invented from whole cloth, I'd want the pink to love

him, and they love the idea of their leader being a real man of flesh

and blood who eats fries and pussy. If that image conflicts with

reality, my job would be to change reality. Humans need help pulling

the wool over their eyes.